We are HUT

After the unforeseen and regrettable closure of HMP Holloway, there is now limited therapeutic care available across Greater London for vulnerable and traumatised women who have lived violent and abusive lives.

HUT (Holloway United Therapies) is a charity that has been established by those who worked as Holloway’s renowned Psychological Therapies team, to fill this gap. We understand the deprivation, complexity and vulnerability of this specific group of women, and the impact of their offending.  

Forensic therapy is not an easy option: patients who commit to our therapy will need to work hard and seek an explanation of their offending behaviour as the driver of change.

Rigorous and continuous training of psychotherapists is absolutely essential in forensic psychotherapy: our therapists are all members of the International Association of Forensic Psychotherapy (IAFP) and participate in IAFP’s annual conferences to share ideas and network with other professionals.

Our aims 

We aim to provide a free service to support vulnerable women affected by the Criminal Justice System (CJS).

We offer: 

  • Specialist psychological therapies

  • Research and evaluation

  • Collaboration with other organisations

  • Training consultancy and staff development

  • Trauma informed and offence focussed work

  • Coaching and consultancy

Our long term goal is to establish a Centre of Excellence in London where women can:

  • Access therapy and support regarding housing, education and raising a family

  • Obtain employment skills

  • Find a safe haven to rebuild their lives

Your help

If you would like to help us continue to support women affected by the Criminal Justice System, please consider making  a donation.